Cyst on Inner Thigh

A swelling or lump in the inner thigh with inflammation and pus must have been experienced by some and seen by others. This cyst formation commonly referred to as Hidradenitis Suppurativa is a chronic yet non contagious condition. These sebaceous cysts are very tender and improper care and exposure of the wound could result in scarring of that area of the skin.



The main triggers of this condition have been heat, humidity, sweat, hormonal fluctuations, tight clothes, oral contraceptive pills, drugs, autoimmune conditions, plugged hair follicles and obesity. Besides these, a number of predisposing factors come into play, such as genetic and inheritance related while others that are endocrine in nature often related to sex hormones and their production.

Diagnosis and Tests:

A proper diagnosis of this at the right time is critical. It shows the stage at which the ailment has reached – first, second or third. Biopsy should be done to frequently examine the condition. Besides this, a number of lab tests are recommended like urinalysis, blood count, protein assays. Bacteriological and histological analyses are also commonly recommended.

Treatment and Management:

As the common saying goes, prevention is better than cure, it’s still better late than never to take care that the condition does not grow beyond the stage which it is at. Medical management involves a few basic steps like taking care of personal hygiene especially in the local areas, reducing weight, wearing relatively loose clothes, hair removal via laser, giving up smoking while antibiotics, retinoids, antiandrogens, 5alpha Reductase inhibitors, corticosteroids and the likes are prescribed for this condition.

A few dietary changes, improved hygiene and some lifestyle changes is all it takes to beat this ailment. Foods that are inflammatory in nature, those with higher contents of carbs and fats should be avoided.


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