Cyst on Buttocks

Cysts on buttocks can be painful, may swell and may drain pus. It most often affects males who are usually between 15 and 24 years. It is usually found near the coccyx, though it can also affect the navel, armpits and even the penis. It is an abscess containing pus and often hair. It usually appears under the skin near the upper limit of the buttock. It forms pus and when pus has been drained, the patient can feel their pain relieved.

What causes cyst on buttocks?

  • One of the proposals for cyst on the buttocks is “ingrown hairs”.
  • In some cases, it may occur months after injury was afflicted in the given area.
  • Some researchers have proposed that cyst on the buttocks may be the result of a congenital pilonidal dimple character.
  • It can also be formed as a result of excessive sweating.


cyst-buttocksTreatment may include antibiotic therapy, hot compresses and application of depilatory creams. If the cyst is not very deep and has not spread too much to be sufficient to warrant an incision, incision may be omitted in such a case. Daily cures and treatment can be performed with antibiotics for a relatively short time.
In severe cases, cysts may require incision and drainage or surgical excision. Postoperative dressing may be done, usually replaced twice daily for 4 to 8 weeks. In some cases, you may need a year to complete granulation. Surgeons can also excise a graft and have it repaired by a reconstructive technique, performed under general anesthesia. This technique is performed in case of complicated or recurrent pilonidal cyst. It leaves little scar tissue and flattens the region between the buttocks, reducing the risk of recurrence.


The condition has a 40% chance of recurrence, even after surgery. This is higher if the surgical wound is sutured midline rather than outside, which obliterates the natal cleft and removes the focus of stress after depilation. Avoid sports that affect where the wound is exposed (abdominal, swimming, cycling, etc.) for about 4 or 5 months of rest.

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What is HS?

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a disease that affects the sweat glands in some areas in the body. Very little is actually known about this type of skin disease and why it affects a small amount of the population. The apocrine glands are clogged or plugged for unknown reasons. This causes the formation of pus and scarring of the affected, especially in the groin and armpit skin. This condition can be comparable with acne that affects the sebaceous glands.

Causes of the disease

Very few can actually specify the reasons or causes of this disease, and most of the time, speculation on the cause is all that usually happens when a person is diagnosed with it. Some possible causes for this disease include genetic disposition to the disease, hormonal imbalance, or an autoimmune deficiency which a person may suffer from. Some researchers point out that there might be a link between HS or suppurativa Hidradenitis and Crohn’s disease, but there is still very little evidence to support this claim.

Speculation also point out that this disease may have some sexual couplings – borne diseases. This is also not fully supported by results of yet. Other causes include:

  • Obesity: Obesity is an exacerbation instead of a trigger, through mechanical irritation, occlusion, and maceration.
  • Cosmetics: Deodorants, depilatories, shaving the affected area and its association with Hidradenitis suppurativa is still an ongoing debate among researchers.
  • Clothing: Tight clothing and apparel made of heavy materials and breathable.
  • Climate: Hot and especially humid climates. Hot and especially humid climates.

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