Boil Under Breast

A boil is a bacterial infection (staph) that occurs in the deep end of a hair. They can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly on the face, neck, buttocks, groin and under the breasts. It emerges as a small lump of red or pink color, under the skin, usually larger than 1 cm in diameter and grows quickly and is filled with pus.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a skin condition that manifests itself in form of abscesses or boils on and around the breast, especially in the crease underneath. This condition is not only painful, but also embarrassing. It can sometimes be chronic and keeps on reappearing however much you treat it.


boil-under-breastHidradenitis boil under breast can be caused by Sex hormones, mainly excess androgens. The Women tend to have outbreaks before menstruation and after pregnancy, and the disease usually subsides during pregnancy and after menopause. Other triggers include:

  • Obesity: Obesity is considered an exacerbating factor, rather than trigger. This is because of the mechanical irritation, occlusion and maceration.
  • Clothing: Tight clothes can also trigger it.
  • Smoking: tobacco and snuff are also considered triggers, though not clinically proven.
  • Cosmetics: Deodorants, depilatories and shaving the affected area.
  • Drugs: drugs like oral contraceptives and lithium can also trigger it.

Treatment of boil under breast

There is no definitive cure for a boil under breast caused by HS. But early treatment with the dermatologist can help control symptoms, prevent further injury and prevent scarring.
Some medicinal measures do not help in the treatment of Hidradenitis. The main thing is to avoid smoking. Excessive consumption of foods high in sugar and milk also seem to be harmful to people with the disease. In patients with overweight, weight loss is essential. Daily hygiene of the affected site is necessary and antibacterial soaps may be used.

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About Disease

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic inflammatory process that affects skin areas with apocrine glands. The succession of these inflammatory events leads to destruction of these areas of skin appendages. The disease is not observed until after puberty, at which the apocrine glands are fully developed. It is also an uncommon inception after 40 or 50 years. It occurs in both sexes. In some women, there may appear premenstrual exacerbations that do not have a clear hormonal relationship.

Causes of HS

The causes are still unknown. There is also no association with diabetes, while there is a proven link with obesity. The most frequently isolated bacteria in suppurativa state are staphylococci, streptococci and anaerobes. The affected areas are those in which the skin has apocrine glands. Armpits, perineal region and sub-mammary area are the areas most often affected.
There is also some sexual predisposition like the axillary form more common in women, and perineal in men. Characteristic lesions are small subcutaneous nodules that progressively grow in size, sometimes until they get to form subcutaneous indurated plaques. The lesions are painful and appear indurated.


Hidradenitis is a disease that mainly affects the intertriginous areas, i.e. areas where two skin surfaces are contacted and may be rubbed, such as the armpits, groin, buttocks, around the anus, scrotum or inside thighs. Armpit and groin are the most commonly affected sites.
In most cases, the first lesion that is a solitary nodule is inflamed and painful. Over time, there may be other satellite nodules around. Lesions with black spots, like carnations, are common with Hidradenitis. These nodules are usually very painful and can last several days or months. At this stage, Hidradenitis is often under diagnosed because most people confuse it with a boil.

10 thoughts on “Boil Under Breast

    1. Lauren

      Im 18 and I have it under my left breast it causes a hole to appear for a few weeks. It’s annoying and I just want it to go away.

  1. Rakesh arora

    Need to know how to get cure this prob suffering from last 10 yrs did all treatment

  2. Molly

    I worked closely with a dr in dermatology who specializes in h.s. he thought that I may have had a mild case of it but then concluded I did not. I no longer work there and about a yr later shortly after I gave birth I started showing strong signs of h.s. under my breasts. I know it’s h.s. and I’m so depressed about it especially bc I’m suffering from post pardum depression and I breastfeed which makes it even more difficult. I’m doing all of the things my old boss told our pts to do with little relief. It’s so aggravating.

  3. Kryst

    I started a gluten free diet and after a couple of weeks, all of my boils were gone. If I happen to have something with gluten in it, the boils start coming back. It isn’t a cure; this is a chronic disease. Still, at least it is under my control since I control my diet. I’m just glad I don’t have to live with the constant or spontaneous outbreaks of painful boils any longer. I would definitely recommend this method to anyone who has HS.

  4. Margaret

    I am tired of my breast boil. Is there any cure? thank you

  5. Angel

    As a teenager, I had read previously in an issue of either ‘Seventeen’ or ‘Cosmo’ about breast cancer and when I read some of the symptoms of a possible lump in the breast or even armpits were apparent. I was 16 when I had my first ‘scare’ when I discovered lump inside one of my armpits and had my doctor look at it and he said it was due in part to an ingrown hair. I was so relieved otherwise, he said he would have had me sent home to see my family doctor, but he reassured me I was okay and not to worry. I still get these on occasion and they tend to be quite bothersome, not just painful. I’m 53 years old and now going through menopause and just a few days ago I felt an unusual lump or bump on the lower part of my left breast but without any other signs or symptoms of possible cancer including tender or leaking nipples, which I don’t have. (I had my last mammogram a few months ago and that turned out normal, plus having a few previous ‘scares’ in the past, which turned out okay) But I do plan to see a doctor soon and try not to be the total alarmist. I also don’t smoke, lest such things might worsen the situation. In the meantime, I’m just going to relax, apply a few hot compresses and chill until I see my doctor about it. Sometimes it helps to channel such worries by doing a little research on the subject, if there are any remedies that work for you give them a try but exercise caution if they claim to be a ‘cure-all’. As the Talmud suggests, take them with a grain of salt. To worry needlessly might worsen the situation and yourself. Don’t worry–be happy~

  6. Thuts

    l had a big boil under my right breast sometime in April which was very healed.then sometime in May a small one started in the exact same spot it healed .now l got another small one in the exact same spot again.I’m now worried.what could be the cause. has anyone experienced this

  7. Natalia

    Did you have to break it open or pop it to heal?

  8. Sumbo

    I know for me my flare ups are linked to too much sugar. I’ve been able to control it for a few months at a time but still binge on sugar from time to time ! I’ve got a massive boil under my breast at the moment, whilst breastfeeding, it’s so horrid and painful. I’m cutting sugar out of my diet starting tomorrow,. I can’t keep suffering like this. I definitely think it’s linked to diet but you need to check your own situation, for some people potato is their trigger.

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