Boil under Armpit

Hidradenitis suppurativa can cause a boil under armpit. The agent that commonly causes it to erupt in the armpit region is the staph bacteria. It develops when the hair follicle in the armpit becomes infected with bacteria. Constant friction due to physical movement can damage the hair follicle. Tight clothes and certain fabrics can also damage the hair follicles of the armpit.

Sweat, together with the presence of dust and dirt in the armpits becomes a breeding ground for staph bacteria. Once the bacteria find their way into the damaged hair follicle, it creates painful sores. Other causes include Excess shaving of underarm hair, the use of deodorants and antiperspirants. Those who consume too many foods rich in carbohydrates and persons suffering from diabetes and chronic renal disease are also at a risk of developing it.


  1. If you are overweight, losing excessive fat may be the most effecive way to reduce Keep your immune system strong by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.
  2. Stop shaving and using deodorant in those areas.
  3. If you are a smoker, you should really consider quitting.
  4. Avoid tight clothing. It tends to rub against your skin and creates friction which is harmful for these boils. Wear loose clothing that does not irritate the skin.


These pimples can be treated naturally at home. Although many people prefer taking conventional prescription drugs, they are not effective home remedies to cure boil in the armpit.

Turmeric has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Its medicinal value has been known for centuries. When you burn turmeric, add ash to it and mixed with water, it will form a paste that can effectively treat a boil in armpits caused by Hidradenitis.
Apply the paste on the boil. Daily application of paste of turmeric helps speed to burst it and reduce pain and inflammation.


These abscesses are usually caused by bacterial infections, dehydration, liver problems and staph infections. There are treatments for these annoying and painful boils and the chances are high that one can recover from them. Although the main cause of them is not an infection, some people have benefited from antibiotics. Laser surgery is another good treatment to get rid of them.

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More about HS

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a disease in which repeated bouts of inflammation of the apocrine glands of the skin occur. The apocrine glands are glands in the underarm skin, mammary areola, and ano-genital area and of a lesser amount on face and scalp. Its main function is the odoriferous, creates fluid that acts as pheromone (odorous substance).

Areas affected by the disease

The areas most affected are the armpits and the groins. They may also affect the buttocks, ano-genital area, the neck and scalp. HS in a chronic infection, in which painful and inflammatory nodules form in the previously described areas. If often evolve abscess formation, drainage, healing and formation of fistulas.
HS is more common in women and usually begins after puberty. It is estimated that it affects 4% of the female population. In men, it often affects the ano-genital area.


It has an unknown cause. Sometimes there is a family history of Hidradenitis or nodular acne in 30-40% of patients. The predisposing factors include obesity, predisposition to acne, clogged follicles apocrine glands and secondary infection by bacteria. Hidradenitis is also common in people who smoke.

Some medications such as lithium treatment or use of sirolimus can promote Hidradenitis. On the other hand, tight clothes, deodorants, friction, hair removal products, shaving the affected areas, heat, sweat and stress are triggering and aggravating factors of HS.

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